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2014-11-13 15:07:12

Polish combat ammunition for Polish Leopard 2 tanks

     In the presence of Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz and Minister of Defence Tomasz Siemoniak the ceremony of signing the contract for the purchase of ammunition for the Leopard 2 tanks. Cartridges will come from Polish factories Mesko S.A. The agreement means that Polish troops armed with this type of tanks will use the national ammunition caliber 120 mm.

New Polish combat ammo APFSDS-T class. Photo: Mariusz Cielma/Dziennik Zbrojny

 The deal was signed in Łucznik Arms Factory in Radom, a completely new plant of the Polish defense industry, where soon there will be a new MSBS rifle system produced. The contract was signed by the Deputy Chief of the Armament Inspectorate colonel Adam Duda and CEO Mesko SA Waldemar Skowron.

 The agreement envisages the supply of 13,000 APFSDS-T 120x570 mm cartridges for the period between the years 2015-2017. Their production will be a branch of Mesko situated in Pionki. The contract's value is approximately 240 million zloty (71 million USD). The purchase of APFSDS-T cartridges has been added to this year's investments with the Polish army decision of the Minister of Defence on the 13th of August this year. Currently, the Polish Leopards use only german APFSDS-T DM33A2 ammo.

 For the plants in Pionki it is a very good year. On the 19th of September 2014, the company concluded an agreement for the supply as well as 14,000 rounds of 120x570 mm high-explosive (HE) ammunition that will be delivered in the years 2014-2017. Their cost will be approximately 114 million zloty (33 million USD). Until recently, the economic situation factory was bad but current a production will provide with work for at least three years. The company will be also rebuilt. Polish authorities will invest about 45 million zloty (13 million USD) in the new tooling and technology lines for the production of the modern gunpowder, tank shells and it will modernize the existing equipment. This will provide the independence for the Polish arms industry in this segment of military production. Developing of the plant will last until 2017. It is estimated that the employment growth in Pionki will go up to 50 people. Today there are 170 workers.

 The investment in the production capacity of the plant in Pionki is only a part of the government support for polish defence production sector. The newly created holding - Poland Armaments Group - ultimately consisting of 30 companies, will receive a total capital injection in the amount of 100 million zloty.

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