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2014-11-14 19:43:47

Airbus: we are ready to present an offer on November 28

     For more than three weeks the Polish helicopter tender brings on emotions not only because of the upcoming and still current deadline for submission of the final bids. The atmosphere became more complicated when the Americans with Sikorsky SAC threatened not to make any offer. For the competitors, and at least one of them, it became unbearable when Sikorsky asked the Ministry of Defence the extension of the submission of the documentation.


In the tender for 70 helicopters, Airbus will offer EC725 Caracal, the helicopter well known to our readers. It is also known to the public what AgustaWestland will offer (AW149). The initial favorite, Sikorsky AC and its S-70i hasn't got the best finish, at least as far as the image is concerned.

  Ministry of Defence hasn't answered the letter yet. It will probably happen right after the weekend. Here we present the open letter of Guillaume Faury, the President of Airbus Helicopters:

 "Airbus Helicopters has taken note of the second official request to postpone the multi-role helicopter tender addressed to the Polish MoD, as confirmed by Minister Czeslaw Mroczek at Rzeszow. 

 Knowing that a competitor has again asked the Polish government to make changes to the tender, I observe that this competitor is not following the rules set by the Polish Ministry of Defence for this strategic procurement for the Polish Armed Forces. I see it as a clear intend to destabilize the tender, thus jeopardizing the vital interests of Poland.

 This tender started two years ago with precise rules and agenda. The postponement of the tender would be unfair for those bidders who are strictly following the rules and providing solutions in due time. In September, the Polish Ministry of Defence had already accepted to grant two additional months to the competitors for the preparation of their offer (meaning a total of six months since the publication of the RFP), which is more than enough time for any serious helicopter manufacturer to provide a competitive answer.

 I confirm that Airbus Helicopters is ready to deliver its offer on November 28. We would not understand a new postponement, especially just after the first one where two additional months were already granted. Our company affirms its commitment to stick to the specifications of the tender, as issued by the Polish government."

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