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2015-08-29 12:34:13

The tender for the ground surveillance radars

     The Armament Inspectorate, the one of the most important institution in the Polish defense ministry leading modernization programs for the Polish Army, has launched another important tender. On 26th of August 2015, a tender concerning the supplies of the light battlefield radars. Until 2022 the Polish Army is to receive 93 radars this class, the additional 11 can be optionally purchased for the 2023. The provider will be chosen on the basis of two criteria: the lowest price (90%) and the warranty period (10%). The Armament Inspectorate waits for the notifications of companies interested in the tender to 29th of September 2015.


Polish Army is already using the MSTAR AN/PPS-5C American radars and will buy another 104 systems this class. fot. DRS Technologies

  The purchased radars are to be the basic equipment of the reconnaissance patrols and enable them to effectively meet its objectives. They are to support the soldiers in patrolling, surveilling, protecting, monitoring and artillery fire correction. Radars will be transported by new generation vehicles will be bought for reconnaissance platoons (LOTR program).

  The current tender is following after the technical dialogue performed in the second part of 2014. At that time, the most important pre-specified radars criteria were presented:

  • detect a soldier from a distance of over 10 km, the vehicle/helicopter with more than 15 km, the main battle tank with more than 24 km, the explosion of 155 mm artillery shells over 12 km, location and automatical tracking of moving objects;

  • show the situation on a digital map;

  • automatically and continuously supervise and monitor objects, track their movement and activity;

  • track down the detected objects with an accuracy of +/- 10 m (distance) and 0.30 degrees (azimuth) in the detection and tracking mode and +/- 25 m (distance) and 0.50 degrees (azimuth) in the mode of watching the explosions;

  • adjust the artillery fire with the capability of automatic data generation.

   Then it was also required that the radar should be operated by no more than two soldiers and that it could be packed with no more than 2 rucksucks (weighing individually not more than 25 kg), and that it could be installed on a vehicle. Currently, this specification may have been changed.

   Polish Army is already using the radars of this class. The MSTAR AN/PPS-5C American radars were purchased years ago. In 2013, there was an attempt in the form of a tender to purchase another 53 AN/PPS-5C systems. However, that tender was considered not to be compatible with the Polish procurement law.

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